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Florida’s Safe Routes to School Elementary Traffic Safety Education Guide

This comprehensive update contains four sections:

  • Section I: Administrators’ guide: recommendations for program implementation, funding sources, training team, etc.
  • Section II: Safe Routes to School: an overview of the 5 Es, resource information, a student travel tally, a parent survey, a student activity (mapping a safe route), and a school site assessment survey from Florida Safe Ways to School Tool Kit
  • Section III: Student activities: pedestrian and school bus safety student activity lessons (grades K-1-2), bicycle safety lessons (grades 3-5), and resource materials. Also included in this section are lessons for 5th graders (which address their developmental differences from 3rd and 4th graders), adaptations for students with special needs, examples of enhancement activities for math, social science, science and language arts classes, and three example test questions for our state “FCAT” test (Florida Comprehensive Achievement Test)
  • Section IV: Resources: specifications for trailers and bicycles, helmet companies, audio/video/DVD resources, a detailed breakdown of rodeo station cards, and a detailed School Walking and Bicycling plan.

The entire Florida curriculum set and videos are now available to purchase in CD/DVD format from the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program. The in-state base price is $20 each, with discounts for bulk purchases. The out-of-state purchase price is $25 for quantities with discounts for bulk purchases. More detailed ordering information can be found by emailing safety@hhp.ufl.edu. Note: this price includes the Florida DVDs only; the recommended Walk Smart/Bike Smart DVDs from the Oregon Center for Applied Science must be ordered separately by contacting Molly Billow at 541-342-7227 x 4845 or emailing info@orcasinc.com.

Contact FTBSEP for ordering and pricing procedures.

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