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How to Become a League Certified Instructor – Apply 

league-am-bicyclists   The requirements for becoming a Regional Trainer for the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program (FTBSEP) include the following:

  1. Attend and complete a Florida Traffic and Bicycle Safety Education Program training (one day teacher or community training);
  2. Complete an LAB (League of American Bicyclists) Traffic Skills 101 Course (9 hour course) geared toward your own personal bicycling skills and knowledge; or successfully complete the three modules of the FBA Cycling Savvy course (9 hours total).
  3. Complete “League Certified Instructor” (LCI) training. An “LCI” training is typically held once a year in Florida (prerequisite is passing Traffic Skills 101 class). A written pre-test is required before the LCI course. The training focuses on both bicycling on-road skills and teaching ability, with evaluation in both areas; or become a Cycling Savvy Instructor (CSI).
  4. LCI’s/CSI’s are then mentored (by another Regional Trainer) through a FTBSEP training they put on in their region for teachers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and/or community leaders.

After the above mentioned qualifications are successfully completed, the trainee is certified to become an “official” Regional Trainer for the Florida Traffic and Bicycle Education Program (FTBSEP). Regional Trainers must keep their LAB membership/LCI certification or FBA/Cycling Savvy Instructor certification current. They are encouraged to line up trainings in their region, but are also contacted through the FTBSEP office to assist with or put on trainings. They are reimbursed travel costs and given a stipend unless it is already considered a part of their job responsibilities.

Regional trainers are the lifeblood of the statewide program. We are always looking for enthusiastic and energetic new potential trainees who want to improve their own cycling skills as well as impart their knowledge to others.


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